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Earn Cryptocurrency "Xtreme Coin" (XCC) by completing Activities!
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X Alerts

Xtreme Alerts will keep your friends and family informed before, during and after your extreme activities. If you go missing, XtremeAlerts and your GEO location is sent via email.


Update and share photos and videos on your social feed before, during and after your activities. Share your feed on popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter and others through our Mobile App.


Earn "Xtreme Coin (XCC)" and keep it in your vault. Your Xtreme Coin and other life documents can be kept private or shared with other members.


Our Mobile Application can share your location during extreme activities with others either for fun or for the sake of letting other members know that you're safe.

Bucket list

Create a list of things you would like to accomplish in your lifetime and let Xtreme Alerts help you do it.

Set XtremeAlerts© before hiking, sky diving, climbing, Mountain Biking, Zip Lining, or other activities that might put you in harm's way.

Any plans to skydrive, zip line the rain forest, hang glide, bungee jump, hike Mt. Everest, scuba dive, or other risky activity? Set an Xtreme© for peace of mind.

Use the XtremeAlerts© Emergency button to notify important people in your life about your whereabouts and health status during Xtreme Alerts activities.

Do you travel often and feel like your friends and family should know if your safe? Set an XtremeAlert© before your next adventure or Bucket List item.

Stay alive, send and recieve alerts!

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